I’m telling a story of light & shed
Once started little steps ahead;
Boy’d dream of a Slippery Decade,*
Along a pitchy road with grass leaves touch,
on the way to school of Catholic Church;
Simple and delicate was the boy’s heart
of having such purity from my Lord;
Boy’d dream of a uniform chord,*
In assembly of Students at 8 O’ clock,
“Amar Sonar Bangla” unveiled the curtain black;
Symphony waved in all green ears
of “Oh my God, I believe that,
You are my creator…” with less cares;
Fragrance of new books, pencil box,
Boy’d dream of friendly talks,
Making of ever new friends finger-cross;
Paper – Boats, airplane, camera, flowers
All was done in blink of eyes;
Navy blue half-pants with blue-tie
Boy’d dream of clear blue sky
Slowly walked about the boy so shy;
Found himself in a library he dreamt,
With not at all entry, no exit;
Hill alike guava tree in the yard
Boy’d dream of climbing hard;
Another earth surface, flat roof top,
Of home two storied building block;
An added flavour to daily life,
Bi-cycle riding for the first time,
Boy’d dream of airplane ride;
Flew he someday to London town
Liquid glass dream let him down;
Comprehensively, Sure you are about the setting Sun,
T’is time to roam in the neighbourhood, oh Boy !
Nothing more or less to lose or gain in the long run,
T’is time to fish n’ fry and nothing but enjoy …


Dhaka Bangladesh
Friday 7/6/2013

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