Every night I go to bed, holding your hands
Thinking of you beside, at least your warmth,
Never found I the same in the dumb dawn…
My entire bed of thorns breathes of its own… 

The longer you’ve gone, the way through 
Thirst becomes harder, eye gets grey 
You are now undeniably needed, 
You were the chosen one O’ mine… 

Getting wider the Memory Lane, 
Having facts of a colorful era, sub-second passion… 
Earnest prayer to get together, Honey 
Without being lost from each other, 
Unmixed happiness played a role 
Becoming satisfied but careless soul, 
Ignored desire of soul-mate’s dream, 
Committed a sin clearly so extreme… 

Now you are needed, no way around 
Being point-blank, truly spellbound… 
Husbands would cry for his wife when it’s too early, 
To pass away leaving no child of their own seeds, 
Tears for their beloved wives would remind the love, 
Memories of holy happy days & nights of wishing a child, 
No living memory is left behind to remember you, Honey 
You are nevertheless needed so terribly, as I feel so zero, 
Even the mere pair of our toothbrushes stay still together … 

Nothing to carry out but there is only a request – 
You have to wait and wait until I die… 

A tiny wish to catch you there to hold your face, 
in some rainy day, being barefooted both of us 
To say hello again, to love you over again, 
it must not be missed, the pure sweetest sight, 
Of eyeing you again after a dimension away … .. . 

23/10/2013 Wednesday 
Dhaka Bangladesh

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